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Body to Body Massage

Body to Body massage and its power concern as really a deep massage, combined with erotic elements. You massage specialist completely merges with you in its smooth motion, massaging every part of your body with the breasts, buttocks and knees. You feel her warm breath, the pressure of her flexible young body. During such close contact, it seems that the two entities were merged into one, and this time you live one life.

Body to body massage is very different from the classic one. It is based on the methods that affect the muscular system, and its energy bands: acupressure points and meridians.

It is the kind of massage with its similarity to the point massage shiatsu and reflexology. However, body to body massage is not worked out on the local area, it is on the entire body from the tips of the fingers (where many points are concentrated in charge of different organs and systems) to the crown of the head. The basic technique of this massage is squeezing, not only with a brush, but the elbows, knees, and the whole body.

Body to Body Massage

Body to Body massage is often seen as an extension of (or beginning) of sexual services, since only very few tourists coming to the massage center really know what a body to body massage is.

The traditional body to body massage, or "ancient massage" ("Nuad Boran"), has a really long history of therapeutic effects. This treatment, as traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Yoga is based on the doctrine of invisible energy lines running through the whole body. This kind of massage works on acupressure points on these lines can deliver much suffering ... It is not only a rather popular way of relaxation but of the treatment as well.

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