1 hour £200 £300
1.5 hours £250 £400
2 hours £300 £500
3 hours £500 £700
Dinner date £500 £500
Overnight £1000 £1200

Massage South Kensington by Lorena

Lorena is a playful and model, young erotic masseuse from South Kensington, whose special fascination lies in the tantalizing pairing of 
innocence challenging and stimulating sophistication. Wise, humorous and communicative sweetens the beautiful Lorena from South Kensington after work. Lorena is easy and carefree demeanor, this quiet and sober sensual girl from South Kensington will delight you from the first meeting!
At first glance, innocent and almost reluctant you will be soon surprised by Lorena nature and enjoy a nuru massage service that is unrivaled. Each word tempted to lust more about this very pretty Lorena from South Kensingtom to learn.

Learn Lorena personally know and experience this magical sensual massage creature in all his youthfulness and beauty up close. Sink into Lorena sparkling blue eyes and fathom her soft, sensual lips. A real treat is the gentle touch of exceptionally delicate and flawless skin that make Lorena fresh face and tight body even more irresistible. 
This skin is to cover with kisses arouse an indescribable feeling in you, the beautiful can hardly be. Share the blissful shiver when your hands slowly and gleefully glide over Lorena shapely curves and small, but firm breasts.
Sensual girl Lorena from South Kensington offers you an erotic massage experience with a delicate sensual massage, a French foreplay without condom or like with total perfection, repeated intercourse with protection and cuddle and affectionate with each other kisses of course included as well. 
The sweet and new masseuse model Lorena from South Kensington is always open to new ideas and would also appreciate a duo with your playful sensual masseuse colleague Ariana very much.