What Tantric Massage Entails

What Tantric Massage Entails

Unlike what most people think tantric massage therapy is not intimidating. It is actually the contrary as it offers relaxation and good unwinding for the mind. The Even researcher has since proved that tantric massage is one of the best ways to just relax and enjoy the company of your partner in intimacy.

To this end, the purpose of tantric massage therapy is to give your partner a well-being experience. Since tantric massages involve sexual fulfillment as well it offers better relaxation than the other types of massage. It is a pleasurable and fulfilling experience for everyone indeed.

How to give tantric massage

Being conversant theoretically with an importance of tantric massage is not enough. It should then translate to action so that your partner enjoys the experience. Tantric massage technique for ladies is as follows:

Start by putting massage oil on your partner’s private part as you ensure it trickle down on the sides.
Using your thumb start massaging the upper or outermost lips of your partner’s private part. Meanwhile, change the pressures and make it more sensual and gentle.

Don’t speak at all during the process unless you are simply asking whether the pressure is good. You are also encouraged to look deep into your partner’s eyes as this increases the connection between you two.
Continue with the process as you go to the inner lips of your partner’s vagina.
You will next move to the clitoris which is a very sensitive area. Here you will make clockwise and anticlockwise movements steadily and slowly. Build up the pressure, direction and speed of the process.
Place your palm on the mount and use your middle finger to explore deep into your partner’s vagina. Pay close attention to the area just behind the pubic bone. Meanwhile use your other hand to massage other parts of your lover’s body gently until you bring her to an intense climax or orgasm.

Tantric Massage for Men

It is different from that of the ladies but equally as intense. Here is the tantric massage technique for men:

Position your man well so you have a clear view of his penis before your go ahead with the massage process.
Get an extra pillow and use it to prop up his hips then separate his legs in such a way that his penis is exposed.
Start using your hands and move them all over his body gently in a sensual manner. This time massage all the parts except for the penis.
Put a small drop of massage oil on your lover’s testicles all the way up to the penis then gently massage the surrounding area near the testes. Turn your attention to the penis.
Grasp the penile base with your right hand and move up the shaft. Alternate the process and repeat the same process but this time with your left hand.
Use a circular massage motion as you go through the sacred spot until he gets an intense orgasm.

The pleasure with tantric massage is an intense one. With the technique and the guidelines always ensure that your partner gets an orgasm. That’s the whole point of the massage.