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Nuru massage in South Kensington is a leader in health care and is a convenient and effective treatment for all segments of the population. Nuru massage was based around 2500 years ago and since this time it has a great popularity among people of different nationalities through over the world.

Nuru massage is mentioned in the Pali Kanon, old texts of Buddhism in South school Theravada (now found mainly in Sri Lanka, Burma / Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand). There are a lot of sources of this wonderful kind of massage that helps you to find you tantra and understand the essence of this life. That is why we are glad to offer you Nuru massage at any time.

In contrast to traditional Western forms of massage, Nuru massage turns to less mechanical stress on the muscles of the person, but more to the so-called lines and fields of energy, which are considered major meridians in ancient medicine. Traditional Nuru massage London uses certain parts of the body to have a positive influence on the other (inner) side of the body, which is achieved by a pleasant state of relaxation.

For Nuru massage in South Kensington you can easily visit our center. And you do not need something special. Only sometimes special herbal extracts that enhance the effect of massage. The main results of traditional Nuru massage South Kensington are the patient's feelings on a spiritual level (restoration of internal balance, harmonize the nervous system).

This kind of massage is closely associated with reflexology, because of the unique technology (exotic, like all Eastern Time), Nuru massage is in some cases better results recovery than traditional forms of massage.